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We brought together the naive timbre and touch structure of the Rhodes Piano, also known as the Fender Rhodes, the cult instrument of jazz, and the harmonic richness of J.S.Bach in the album "It's Electric”. Time-defying and groundbreaking with a strong trend that connects the past and the future, “Its Electric” is the first Rhodes Piano album recorded by a piano duo in the world.


We are in a period where we do need the power of electrical energy produced without harming our world more than ever by using sustainable and renewable energy sources in order for our planet and our life to continue. With 'It's Electric', we invite all world societies to live by leaving less carbon footprint for the future of our children.


Toccata in D minor, BWV 565

Arrangement by Tobias Forster


Saint Matthew Passion, BWV 244: Erbarme Dich

Arrangement by Gregory Anderson


Partita in D Minor, No. 2, BWV 1004: Chaconne

Arrangement by Tobias Forster


Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit (Actus Tragicus), BWV 106: Sonatina

Arrangement by G. Kurtag


Harpsichords in C minor, BWV 1062,


Andante e piano

Allegro assai


What did music tell us when we were children?

The adventures we sailed off to, dreaming... The dream of a new world at peace...

The lullabies our mothers sang to us, the stories they told. For us, it is the search for ways to hand down this same tradition generation to generation.


We wanted the healing power of music to accompany our dreams, where our imagination knows no bounds. With our new album IMAGINE, we are sailing towards the dreams of our childhood. 


We wanted our lullabies and stories to accompany the children in that special, almost ritual-like moment before they fall asleep. It was a pleasure for us to work on these pieces that you can also comfortably perform, instead of just listening and reading.


Aside from the 11 lullabies that we arranged,  the last piece in the album, “Dandini Dandini Dastana” is an unforgettable lullaby that our mothers and grandmothers used to sing to us, to wish us off into a peaceful sleep. To be able to share this legacy with you through a different interpretation is very meaningful for us.


The composition process of this album took place in Stuttgart and Eskişehir, while the recording was done in Istanbul. The cover and all of the illustrations that carry us imaginatively into different worlds are by the Brooklyn-based illustrator Kristiana Parn. 

IMAGINE opens a door into a world where children will continue dreaming with the touching beauty of music itself. 

December (Dandini)

Composers Selin Şekeranber & Yudum Çetiner


We come to life as symbols of innocence, we live, we mature, we experience, we miss and while all these happen we observe the dynamics which we later realize, are out of our control.

By all means, we do fight for our personal freedom and freedom of thought and in order to attain the true meaning of the notion of freedom, we do get our strength of expression from arts.

It is for this reason, we believe that it is the right time to look further away than our ordinary life cycle that we were forced to exist in certain forms and to break our chains to make a difference in our lives.  Having said this, we want to share our excitement of looking outside the box with you.

Fazıl Say

Kumru Ballad Op.12

Arrangement for four hands by Yudum Çetiner


Franz Schubert

Fantasia for four  hands in F minor Op.103 D.940


Zeki Müren

Şimdi Uzaklardasın

Arrangement for two pianos by Yudum Çetiner


Fazıl Say

4 Night for four hands Op.68


We have begun our journey as two independent women from Turkey that is the bridge between Europe and Asia. Now, we continue this journey much stronger and more vigorous due to our passion to music as an art form and its production. Our hands are our only external organs, which we mostly use to express our thoughts and emotions. They also make us both unique and interconnected as they carry our most peculiar and most common feature, i.e. our fingerprints. 


We are going through tumultuous times in human history nowadays. Therefore, this is the exact right time for us all to unite by holding ‘hand-in-hand’ and empower each other. On this note, we believe that sharing our music with you all can help overcome these global challenges.

We have organised concerts in nearly all of the countries, stories of which we have told in our album. Appreciating our differences positively in each and every of those countries made all of us more colourful in our souls. Along the way, music has been the instrument to gather us altogether. 

Now, we move forward in our artistic journey whilst combining our strengths. In doing so, we have organised concerts both inside and outside Turkey with social responsibility. For instance, we have, and still do, devoted some of our concerts for the initiatives on young girls’ participation into education. We represent the power of women of the world through our music and emphasise in our concerts that the participation to education and opportunity for personal development are not good fortune for a few but a right for all women. Now is the time to take action for girls and young women who are the bright minds of the future and for women who will be raising them… The matter is to support and help, hence it is time to not be A HAND, but be in HAND-IN-HAND.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sonate for two Pianos D-Dur KV448 (375)

Allegro con spirito


Molto Allegro

Cadenza: Selin Şekeranber


Moritz Moszkowski

From Foreign Parts for four hands Op.23







Dmitri Shostakovich

Concertino for two pianos op.94


Sergei Rachmanioff

Vocalise Op.34, no.14

Arrangement for piano four hands by Greg Anderson


Fazıl Say

“Alla Turca Jazz”  Fantasia on the Rondo from the Piano Sonata

in A major K. 331 by W.A Mozart

Arrangement for two piano  by Yudum Çetiner & Selin Şekeranber


Dominated by Turkish composers and our own arrangements, “Essence of Piano Duo" is an album, in which we highlight our own mosaic and colors. In this extraordinary work, consisting of 10 different piece and composers, we express our own identity freely and we want to highlight the beauties arising from the differences of Eastern and Western music and culture.

Fazıl Say

Black Earth

Arrangement for two Pianos by Yudum Çetiner & Selin Şekeranber

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Larghetto & Allegro


Claude Debussy

Clair de lune

Arrangement for two Pianos by H.Dutilleux


Witold Lutoslawski

Variation on Theme of Paganini for two Pianos


Ahmet Adnan Saygun

Yunus Emre Oratorium No.3 “Aria”

Arrangement for two Pianos by Yudum Çetiner


Astor Piazzolla


Arrangement for two Pianos by Pablo Ziegler


Sergei Rachmaninoff

Les Larmes from Suite op.5


Aşık Veysel

Uzun İnce Bir Yol

Arrangement for two Pianos by Yudum Çetiner



Arrangement for two Pianos by Yudum Çetiner


Zülfü Livaneli

Karlı Kayın Ormanı

Arrangement for two Pianos by Yudum Çetiner, Selin Şekeranber and Can Ünlüsoy

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